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Nationwide Merchant Accounts Is Your Last Credit Card Processor!

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Nationwide Merchant Accounts Provides You Credit Card Processing With Personal Attention & Incredible Savings

Tired of not knowing what rates and fees you are actually paying on your merchant account?  Let Nationwide Merchant Accounts create a free cost-savings analysis to show you how much you are paying and where your money is going.


Nationwide Merchant Accounts is proud to announce the "Give Back Program," created to help fund Non-Profit Organizations so they can continue to focus on what is truly important to them, their mission. This is one of the ways that Nationwide Merchant Accounts has implemented to give back to the local community.


Regardless whether your account is considered Retail, MOTO or E-Commerce, Nationwide Merchant Accounts has a "Fair Pricing Policy" where we can offer the same, low-margin, pass-through pricing program to all of our merchants. We take pride in treating every merchant fairly. 


Nationwide Merchant Accounts wants to be your processor for life. With our "Price Protection Guarantee", if you come across a plan that will save you money on a monthly basis, we will meet it or beat it. Guaranteed! Now you can be confident in your decision to stay with one processor. 

Credit Card Fees Matter

What’s Your Rate?

This is typically the most common question that people ask when looking for a new credit card processor. However, there are many parts to making sure you have the best solution, besides just the rate. Nationwide Merchant Accounts takes an active approach by providing you a cost-savings analysis that compares your current rates to what you would be paying with us. We also inquire about your business and how you currently process credit cards to insure you are on the correct pricing structure and utilizing the correct software or hardware to insure that you are PCI Compliant. Nationwide Merchant Accounts does more than just save you money... we give you personal attention to make sure that your whole system is ideal for you and your business.